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At the Centre, we are wholeheartedly committed to supporting local authorities like you on your journey to decarbonising roads and building a sustainable future. We understand the challenges you face in addressing climate emergencies and striving to achieve net-zero targets by the 2030s. That's why we are reaching out to collaborate and make a real difference together.

We've identified a common obstacle in the highway materials innovation space: innovation silos. So much good work is being done, but it often stays isolated, limiting its widespread impact. That's where our collective strength comes into play.

By working together, we can break down these barriers and create something truly powerful. Our goal is to build an online knowledge bank that will be a game-changer for local authorities across the UK and beyond. This resource will offer you valuable insights from both past and ongoing trials, while keeping you informed on the latest innovations in the field.

Key benefits for local authorities

Tap into cutting-edge material innovations from across the sector

Learn and collaborate with other trail-blazing local authorities

Access tools and resources for low-carbon material innovation

Partner with us

Join our journey and contribute to the sector’s acceleration to net-zero.

Become a partner local authority with the Centre and be the first to know about our materials testing programme and knowledge bank.

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