The North Campus

North Lanarkshire Council: North Lanarkshire Council is the fourth-largest local authority in Scotland based in the heart of Scotland with exceptional transport links across the country. 

Amey: Delivering sustainable infrastructure solutions, enhancing life, protecting our shared future. 

The South Campus

Transport for West Midlands: TfWM is transport arm of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA). We work with our seven local authority partners to co-ordinate transport services in the West Midlands.  

Colas: Colas are a UK infrastructure contractor and a materials and solutions specialist. We have a long history of materials research and development and are a global market leader in decarbonised solutions for highways materials.

Part of and partnered with:

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Part of the ADEPT Live Labs 2 : decarbonising local roads programme, a three year £30million UK-wide initiative funded by the Department for Transport that aims to decarbonise the local highway network.

Other partners

We work closely with a wide range of partners across the sector, convening leading expertise, experience and insight into material decarbonisation of roads. 

Partner with us
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Our team of dedicated local authority leads, project managers, carbon leads, technical leads, apprentices and communications experts are leading our day-to-day programme activities, working tirelessly to identify, evaluate, trial and share game-changing low-carbon innovations.

Core Programme Team
Steering Board logo.

Leading the programme is a group of senior responsible officers from our four core partners: North Lanarkshire Council, Transport for West Midlands, Colas and Amey. They provide the vision and direction of the programme, ensuring we achieve our objective of decarbonising road materials.

Steering Board
Operational Teams logo.

As we progress to selecting and live trialling innovative materials, we are working closely with our operational teams in North Lanarkshire and the West Midlands' 7 local authorities. Our operational teams provide valuable insight into the real-life viability of these innovations.

Operational Teams
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We are leveraging expertise from across the industry, including partners from National Highways, MHA+, Future Highways Research Group, Nottingham University, SCOTS and Transport Scotland to provide strategic direction and insight into the achievability of low-carbon innovations.

Expert Advisory Panel
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Our Expert Research Group, including Nottingham University and Aston University, is a consortium of leading academics and technical experts in road materials research, who are providing support for the identification, testing and evaluation of low-carbon material innovations.

Expert Research Group
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Aligned to the ethos of ADEPT Live Labs 2, our programme is led by our local authorities, including North Lanarkshire and the West Midland's 7 local authorities - Birmingham, Dudley, Coventry, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton. We are also seeking other local authorities throughout our journey to shape our programme.

Local Authorities

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